more awesome purses.

what is it with me and purses lately?

here are some great ones that my pal kevin passed along to me.

check em out here: www.thecraftydevils.com



here is the thing, friends. i have this new job. and like, i love my job, but right now its super exhausting and like, clothes? i dont want to think about clothes. why? because i have completely drained all my thinking powers on stupid things like remembering to breathe.

but okay, lets just pretend for a moment i have a gun to my head and somebody is saying "choose things you want for christmas right now else you die and ps, im totally going to kill a puppy too!"

this is what i would choose:

gryson trigger lock heidi bag.

addore handbags martino leather travel bag.

foley + corinna glazed leather jet setter jr bag.

... yep. thats all i want for christmas. oh and that puppy you were threatening? ill take one of those, too.


j crew gramercy coat

i love this coat. i am trying desperately to replace my coat (a bcbg coat purchased in winter of 05), and this is very close to exactly what i want. minus the $500 price tag, of course.


what i am loving right now: tights & leggings

and lastly:

tell me why i shouldnt own a pair of $118 cashmere leggings? i mean, hello, they are totally sustainably made!

what i am loving right now: shoes

i am lusting real hard for these boots at the moment.

why do these look like a patent leather wrinkly face in photos? they are beautiful in real life, i promise.

so cute! in white, too.

i love these, shamelessly, and i have no idea why. i love pretty much anything with a wooden heel though (see these babies which im currently rocking).

now that i have my shoes, tights, and accessories set out for the fall and winter season, maybe i should do something totally crazy like think about what clothes im going to wear. black skinny jeans and la made tees are getting boring real fast.


tracy reese tights

i am loving the dot tracy reese for hue tights real hard. the grey/cream is a little ... clown-inspired for me, but i adore the sheer black. there is a better view of the tights here.

im imagining a fall and winter for myself comprised of simple dresses, patterned tights, and ankle boots.


frye lisa t-strap

i am shamelessly in love with these shoes, guys.

they are available here for $158.